Stehleon Vineyards

Stehleon Vineyards began with a small hobby planting of Sangiovese for a private citizen in 2005. Al and Lisa Stehly have managed citrus and avocado groves for years, but with the realization that grapes need 3% of the water that avocados demand and a growing list of referrals, the Stehlys now manage over 60 acres of grapes. Primarily located around Valley Center, the Stehlys’ portfolio of vineyards include their own Sunrise Ranch, planted in 2012. All vineyards are farmed using the most sustainable practices available. When it came time to make their own wine, their daughter Alysha Stehly, UC Davis alum, stepped neatly into the role. With the confidence that experience brings, Alysha has moved towards less intervention in the cellar, with all wines now spontaneously fermented since 2016.

Currently Available Wines

2019 Rosé of Grenache

2018 Grenache Blanc


2018 Grenache Blanc

2019 Rockwood Rose

2017 Syrah

2017 Sangiovese

Sunrise Ranch Vineyard

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