Hatfield Creek Vineyards & Winery

Elaine Lyttleton and Norm Case established their 3 acre vineyard and winery in 2006, becoming a bonded and licensed winery by 2012. Located just outside of the town of Ramona in the heart of the Ramona Valley wine country, Zinfandel and Petit Sirah thrive in the warm sun here.

Hatfield Creek is named for Charles Hatfield, a conman that was hired by the county in 1916 to make rain and fix the terrible drought. Hatfield guaranteed rain and agreed to not charge anything unless it rained. As it happens, the clouds opened up and caused epic flooding. The floods did so much damage that Hatfield skipped town. That creek runs through this property.

There is more than wine at Hatfield Creek. There are classic cars and an amazing antique collection including a Civil War era drum that Case took on Antique Roadshow! Bring a picnic to enjoy in the shelter in the middle of the vineyard or book Vintage in the Vineyard, the cutest little camper on the edge of the vineyard. https://hatfieldcreekvineyards.com/

Current Releases

2019 Zinfandel

Adopt a Row like our friends at Cueva Bar/DeNada Kitchen & Market, next to the picnic spot in the vineyard
Clifford the Winery Cat – I understand that
he is quite the hunter!

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