Charlie & Echo

Charlie & Echo is one of the original natural wineries based in San Diego. All grapes are grown in low input to organic local vineyards. Once the grapes get to the winery, they are spontaneously fermented with only the teeniest sulfur additions. That’s it. Clara & Eric Van Drunen built a carbon positive winery and they give 1% to The Planet. As if that’s not cool enough, they specialize in sparkling wines. They are also prone to experimentation with fun things like hops and glitter, which you will have to check out in person at the winery in the Miralani Makers District or through their website.

Currently Available Wines

2019 Whoa Jake!

2019 Darkstar

2019 Uncharted White

2019 Clara Rosé

2018 Two Tons Red

Hard Spritzers – Lemon, Grapefruit Lime, or Orange, inquire for current selection

Valentina Vineyard in Dulzura

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