Raging Cider & Mead

Dave Carr began making ciders in the tradition of those he enjoyed in England when his wife Kerry developed a gluten intolerance. After several years of experimentation, they founded Raging Cider & Mead in 2015. The Carrs use all San Diego County grown apples, pears and honey. They seek out old orchards and replant new ones, revitalizing a nearly extinct tradition in the mountains near Julian. All ciders are wild ferments using native yeast. While England provided the original inspiration, there are an array of Raging Ciders, Meads, and Perries made with a wide variety of heirloom techniques. Stay Classy wasn’t going to work with anything but wine, but these tell an authentic side of the San Diego story that she couldn’t resist!


Currently Available Products

2021 Got Crabs?

2021 Sparkling Perry Feral

2020 Cinsaut

2020 Season Recap

2020 Northwest Greening – cans

2019 Plum Jerkum – cans

2018 Wynola Scrump

2018 Farmer’s Blend

2018 Pommeau

One fine afternoon at Raging Cider
Dave at the Guatay orchard
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